CIGEM (Migration Information and Management Centre): extracts from the inauguration with the participation of Louis Michel, and statements

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End production: 07/10/2008   First transmission: 07/10/2008
Louis Michel, Member of the EC in charge of Development and Humanitarian Aid, was in Bamako, Mali, on 6 October 2008, to participate in the inauguration of the Migration Information and Management Centre (CIGEM).

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10:14:16 Title 00:00:04
10:14:21 View of Bamako and the Niger river 00:00:04
10:14:25 Traffic on boulevard 00:00:04
10:14:29 Malian flag 00:00:04
10:14:33 Arrival of Louis Michel, Member of the EC in charge of Development and Humanitarian Aid, at the Migration Information and Management Centre (CIGEM), welcomed by Abdoulaye Konaté, Director of CIGEM - handshake 00:00:12
10:14:45 Exterior view of CIGEM 00:00:04
10:14:49 CIGEM sign 00:00:03
10:14:52 Arrival of Amadou Toumani Touré, President of Mali 00:00:05
10:14:57 Amadou Toumani Touré greeting Louis Michel 00:00:03
10:15:00 Audience listening to speeches 00:00:03
10:15:03 Louis Michel (in FRENCH) saying that migration has been handled without taking account of the Africans; the countries from where migrants originate should also be taken into account so that they can help to better manage, in a human way, the phenomenon; so that project is extremely important to him; it is really something fundamental, it is the reflection of another approach to migration 00:00:25
10:15:28 Cutaway of the audience 00:00:05
10:15:33 Amadou Toumani Touré (in FRENCH) saying that today the challenge is to find common interests and ways of getting migration to contribute to general growth, and the welfare of the two continents 00:00:18
10:15:51 Musical group at the inauguration (3 shots) 00:00:11
10:16:02 Amadou Toumani Touré cutting the ribbon inaugurating CIGEM, in the presence of Louis Michel 00:00:09
10:16:11 Poster for professional training and apprenticeship 00:00:04
10:16:15 Amadou Toumani Touré and Louis Michel visiting the Centre together 00:00:08
10:16:23 Abdoulaye Konaté (in FRENCH) saying that the creation of this Centre is an imperious necessity, not only for Mali, but also for all the countries of departure, meaning the countries which are responsible for all migratory flows today, for the simple reason that these are countries faced with enormous problems of development 00:00:21
10:16:44 Exterior view of Azalai Hotel Salam, in Bamako 00:00:03
10:16:47 Press conference banner 00:00:05
10:16:52 General view of the press conference 00:00:06
10:16:58 Cutaway of journalists 00:00:05
10:17:03 Louis Michel speaking 00:00:08
10:17:11 Motorcyclists in Bamako 00:00:06
10:17:17 Tower of Africa, in Bamako 00:00:07
10:17:24 Louis Michel (in ENGLISH) saying that we need migrants and we have to tell that to the European people; but we need all migrants, not only those who are very well trained, and most creative, also the others; so all this approach has to be balanced; it has to be explained to the people in Europe that migration is an added value for cultures and civilizations, for the economy, and for social and human exchanges 00:00:33
10:17:57 Louis Michel (in DUTCH) (similar content) 00:00:27
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