European Women's Lobby 50/50 Campaign "No Modern European Democracy without Gender Equality": with the participation of Margot Wallström

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In 2009, Europeans will elect a new European Parliament and a new European Commission will be appointed. These elected and nominated persons are going to shape our future in Europe, and the "50/50 Campaign for Democracy" aims to ensure that women and men are equally represented among them. For the launch of this campaign, the European Women's Lobby 50/50 Campaign organised, on 16 September 2008, in Brussels, a debate chaired by Margot Wallström, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy, and with Bibiana Aído Almagro, Spanish Minister for Equality, Emma Bonino, Vice-President of the Italian Senate, and Diana Wallis, Vice-President of the EP. Women are currently still under-represented in all European institutions where decisions are made which affect our lives. With the "50/50 Campaign for Democracy", the European Women's Lobby wants to push for concrete action to increase women's presence in politics.

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10:43:53 Title 00:00:04
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10:44:15 Margot Wallström, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy, (in ENGLISH) saying that representative democracy without gender equality is a contradiction; there can be no modern democracy without gender equality and achieving that equality is of course the goal of the 50/50 Campaign that they are launching; it is right not just for women but for the future of Europe because EU policies need to reflect the priorities and perspectives, the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders, women as well as men; women and men should therefore have an equal say in shaping those policies 00:00:41
10:44:56 Diana Wallis, Vice-President of the EP, (in ENGLISH) saying that she remembers when she first arrived in the European Parliament, nine years before; that was at the time that Nicole Fontaine was elected President of the EP; that was incredibly special for her because she thought 'here is an organisation where a woman can get to the top'; it is a simple message and that is why as much as this wonderful campaign on the ground is needed, signals and symbols at the top of Europe are needed to encourage other women; that is why herself and other colleagues in the Parliament have launched a campaign which is called 'Send2women' 00:00:46
10:45:42 Bibiana Aído Almagro, Spanish Minister for Equality, (in SPANISH) saying that we live in a changing society, the organisations are not fixed structures; they have to adapt to the changes to be able to survive; they require people able to lead the process and able to create teams, to generate participation groups, to be flexible with a focus on learning, to potentiate the personal relations and who are sensible to the emotions and to the situation of all the people of the organisation; traditionally, these are some of the values which have been associated to the women, the ones which are identified as good for the organisations, with the good leadership in the politics; however, her point of view is that the most important thing is not how to play the leadership, men or women, but the need of a parity representation, an equilibrated representation 00:00:59
10:46:41 Emma Bonino, Vice-President of the Italian Senate, (in ENGLISH) saying that she does not think that the goal justifies the tools; on the contrary, the tools are an example of the society you want to build; she does not want a society by quotas, she does not want a society by quotas of women or quotas of immigrants, quotas of black immigrants, yellow, etc; she wants a society of individuals; she does accept quotas as a temporary measure when you are in a catastrophic situation; she has been leading the observation mission in Afghanistan for the elections and she strongly supports that in Afghanistan; but in Europe, frankly speaking we shouldn't believe we are in Afghanistan or in Benin or wherever 00:00:49
10:47:30 General view (4 shots) 00:00:36
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