Extracts from the press conference by Vladimír Špidla, Member of the EC in charge of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, on the Renewed Social Agenda

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End production: 02/07/2008   First transmission: 02/07/2008
Vladimír Špidla, Member of the EC in charge of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, gave a press conference on the launch of the Renewed Social Agenda, an ambitious package including comprehensive answer to rapidly changing social and economic realities. It aims to promote social well-being of European citizens by bringing together a wide range of EU policies and instruments, while streamlining and modernising existing policy tools. The new package is centred on the three key principles of opportunities, access and solidarity. As part of the package, the Commission is presenting proposals for directives on anti-discrimination, on patients' rights in cross-border healthcare in the EU as well as on the implementation of the social partners' agreement in the maritime sector. There will also be individual communications on the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund, on Roma, on telework, on social services of general interest, and on decent work.

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10:07:26 Vladimír Špidla, Member of the EC in charge of Employment, Social affairs and Equal opportunities, saying (in FRENCH) on education, that Member States will be able to allow for differences for entering to religious schools, it won't be possible to question the national provisions guaranteeing the secular nature of the state; that the counties would be able to allow or limit the use of religious symbols in schools. 00:00:27
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10:07:58 Vladimír Špidla saying (in FRENCH) on Roma population, that they cannot tolerate racism; that their report shows that a lot has already been done in Member States, and that they need to done more, they need to ensure access to education, to the labor market, to society in general; that between 2000 and 2006, 275 million euro from the social found have been allocated to projects for the Roma population. 00:00:32
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10:08:35 Vladimír Špidla saying (in FRENCH) that the European Commission is suggesting that the information and consultation should be done at the right time and with the apropiate content; that the role of the trade union is important because they want to create new European Works Council; that this European Works Council should be informed at the same time as national work councils and this will then avoid the kind of problems they had with Nokia and Volswagen. 00:00:32
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10:09:13 Vladimír Špidla saying (in FRENCH) that sometimes, restructuring can't be avoided and workers are highly affected as are their families, and this is where the European Found for Adjusting to Globalisation can play a role; that until now 7.250 workers have find a job thanks to this found and 22 million euros have been spend; that their report shows than only 3% of the found available in theory has been used in 2007. 00:00:36
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10:09:54 Vladimír Špidla saying (in FRENCH) on Italy asking for finger prints, that the directive states very clearly that they cannot discriminate on the basis of ethnicity; that he thinks there is a serious theoretical problem here, but he can't say how the Commission is going to react; that the Commission will look at this case very carefully. 00:00:25
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10:10:25 Vladimír Špidla saying (in FRENCH) on Belgian local authorities asking citizens to learn Flemish to accede to social houses, that he doesn't know which is exactly the situation and he can't give a position on that, but the directive establishes very clear that it will not permit to discriminate people to access to social houses for any kind of reason. 00:00:33
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