Cohesion Policy's First 20 years Conference: with the participation of José Manuel Barroso and Danuta Hübner

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End production: 25/06/2008   First transmission: 25/06/2008
On 24 June 2008 in the Brussels Museum of Arts and History, José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, and Danuta Hübner, Member of the EC in charge of Regional Policy, participated in the "Cohesion Policy's First 20 years, looking back while planning forward" Conference. The objective of this event was to look back on the policy's rationale, on 20 years of achievements as well as on future issues and challenges of the European cohesion policy. Participants included Members of the European Parliament, former and recent staff of the European Commission and other EU institutions, representatives of the Member States' permanent representations and regions and experts from Brussels' think tanks and media.

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10:44:34 Title 00:00:04
10:44:39 Exterior views of the Brussels Museum of Arts and History (2 shots) 00:00:18
10:44:57 General view of the event 00:00:06
10:45:03 Danuta Hübner, Member of the EC in charge of Regional Policy 00:00:05
10:45:08 José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC 00:00:04
10:45:12 Vladimír Špidla, Member of the EC in charge of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities 00:00:06
10:45:18 Danuta Hübner (in ENGLISH) on the cohesion policy; saying that after having been in the field in nearly 200 regions throughout the EU, she can clearly say that this European policy works and makes the difference; the cohesion policy makes it clear that everybody, wherever they live in the EU, has the opportunity to participate and benefit from the common market and globalisation; it is a policy that encourages a balanced and sustainable development while fostering economic integration throughout the EU as a whole 00:00:35
10:45:53 General view 00:00:07
10:46:00 José Manuel Barroso (in ENGLISH) on the climate and energy package; saying that the recent oil prices and commodity prices in general, especially energy prices, have made it even clearer how urgent it is to have the climate and energy package adopted; he is very happy that the European Council confirmed that determination; it is not just a question of combating climate change, and that is already critically important for the future of our planet, but apart from this environmental goal, it is also important from an energy security point of view and from an economic point of view; every day, the rising oil prices make it clear that it is an economic sound decision to invest in renewables, to invest in more energy efficiency, to invest in more energy diversification; he is very happy that during the Slovenian Presidency they could have some progress in the internal market for energy; and now, he is fully confident that during the French Presidency they will achieve progress, if possible a political agreement by December at the latest on the energy and climate package 00:01:21
10:47:21 Cutaways (5 shots) 00:00:29
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