Extracts from the press conference by Antonio Tajani, on the single European sky package

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End production: 25/06/2008   First transmission: 25/06/2008
The European Commission adopted on 25 June 2008 the second package of legislation for a Single European Sky (SES II). These proposals aim to further improve safety, cut costs and reduce delays. That will in turn mean lower fuel consumption, so that airlines could save up to 16 million tons of CO2 emissions and cut their annual costs by between two and three billion Euros. This full reform of the European air traffic management system will be key to managing the doubling of traffic expected by 2020. Not only airline passengers, but also freight forwarders and military and private aviation will benefit. The package will create additional jobs in aviation. Meanwhile, the European manufacturing industry will gain from being at the forefront of innovation in air traffic management technology, thus giving it a competitive edge on global markets.

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10:26:52 Views of the press conference room (3 shots) 00:00:16
10:27:08 Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Transport, (in FRENCH) saying that the consequence of the fragmentation of the air space is that aircrafts fly on average 49 km more than it is strictly necessary 00:00:14
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10:27:28 Antonio Tajani (in FRENCH) saying that it means that today we spend 10 to 15 minutes too long in the planes; with the new Single Sky, they should be able to help passengers to arrive on time at their destinations; the combined improvement of traffic management and airport operations could lead to a reduction in emissions of 7 to 10% for an average flight or 16 million tones of CO2 per year 00:00:35
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10:28:08 Antonio Tajani (in FRENCH) saying that there are on average 28,000 flights per day in Europe; in 2007, the volume of air traffic increased by 5.3% in Europe and 12% in the new Member States; it is expected that traffic will double or even triple in some regions by 2020; consequently, it is expected that soon there will be congestion if action is not followed 00:00:26
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10:28:40 Antonio Tajani (in FRENCH) on security; saying that there is the SESAR system which makes possible to enhance the level of safety and to manage a traffic volume two times more important, and at the same time flights will cost half the present cost 00:00:21
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10:29:07 Antonio Tajani (in ITALIAN) saying that too much time is wasted in airports; citizens should be able to travel better and safely and always in time; pollution is also something to be solved; and then there is the need to reduce cost; the Member States understand that they have to come up with responses for citizens on cost, on the environment, and this requires rationalisation in the system; so, the Member States have every interest in making the Single Sky a reality 00:00:37
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