European Business Awards for the Environment: extracts from the ceremony with the participation of Stavros Dimas

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End production: 04/06/2008   First transmission: 04/06/2008
The European Business Awards exist to recognise and reward excellence, best practice and innovation in companies across the European Union. Extensive research and high standards of judging have established the European Business Awards as the showcase of Europe’s skills, achievements and innovations in the field of business. Open to pan-European organisations of all sizes and from any industry sector – public or private – the programme allows top European businesses to showcase achievements, benchmark their success against companies of all types, and celebrate their vision and determination. The European Business Awards programme serves three distinct purposes for the business community in Europe: it provides examples for the rest of the business community to aspire to; it celebrates and endorses individuals and organisations which have been successful; it provides case studies and content for learning from these exceptional organisations. An innovative, strong and thriving business community makes a successful and prosperous Europe. The European Business Awards is a self funding venture set up and run with the support of forward thinking organisations including: CMS Legal Services EEIG; Société Générale; Atradius; RSM International and The Wall Street Journal Europe.

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10:50:46 Title 00:00:04
10:50:51 Arrival of Stavros Dimas, Member of the EC in charge of Environment 00:00:06
10:50:57 General views (3 shots) 00:00:21
10:51:18 Stavros Dimas (in ENGLISH) saying that business organisations have come to realize that future profitability will depend on issues such as resource efficiency, having a brand that the public trusts and being able to develop the technologies that will meet the challenges of the future 00:00:17
10:51:35 Cutaways (4 shots) 00:00:29
10:52:04 Stavros Dimas handing over the Management Award (2 shots) 00:00:20
10:52:24 Chris Shearlock, Environment Manager at The Co-operative Group, Winner of Management Award, (in ENGLISH) saying that it is great to be recognized as one of the best in Europe; they pride themselves as one of the premier companies working on the environment in the United Kingdom; it is absolutely great to be recognized at the European level; it is a real stimulus for them to work harder on the environment; saying that he hopes that this will be a stimulus to some of their competitors certainly in the United Kingdom who will see that The Co-operative Group are being rewarded; so yes, they certainly are very happy to share from their knowledge and understanding on this issue because there is no point in one company working on it, when they can have many companies doing it otherwise (2 shots) 00:00:37
10:53:01 Stavros Dimas handing over the International Cooperation Award (2 shots) 00:00:27
10:53:28 Hugo Verkuijl, CEO at Mali Biocarburant, Winner of International Cooperation Award, (in ENGLISH) saying that they have an ambition the next five years to set up at least 4 or 5 other refinaries in Mali; and in 2008 he is already starting up in Burkina Faso and in the Ivory Coast; and currently things are really getting crazy because they have people calling from all over the world asking them to start similar businesses in their countries; saying that being recognized at the European level, that means that you get a lot of exposure, that means that the way that they believe they should set up business biofuel development in Africa; this is going to be seen as the example for other people and for them it is a big honor; but it will also have a big impact; saying that finally, it is a business, a profitable business; he sells biodiesel at a price lower than current biofuel price, prices at the pump in Mali; it is good for the consumers, less expensive for them, and it is good for farmers because farmers earn direct income which is 50% higher than alternative sources of income and also they benefit from the company as shareholders (3 shots) 00:01:12
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