European Investment Bank Governors' annual meeting: extracts from the press conference by Philippe Maystadt, President of the European Investment Bank

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End production: 03/06/2008   First transmission: 03/06/2008
On 3 June 2008, the European Investment Bank (EIB) Governors' annual meeting focused on two key areas: the financial support to SMEs and the cooperation with the Western Balkans. Concerning the SMEs, the EIB took five directions, among which the need of intermediary banks that facilitate and give more benefits to SMEs, the simplification of the procedures, the enlargement of the field of action and the diversification of the proposals, but also the transparency and the effective transfer of the benefits to SMEs. Philippe Maystadt, President of the EIB, held a press conference after the meeting.

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10:12:50 Arrival of Philippe Maystadt, President of the European Investment Bank 00:00:11
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10:13:07 Philippe Maystadt, President of the European Investment Bank, saying (in ENGLISH) that this was the request of some ministers, in particular the UK governor, who was very insisting that they should devote large share of operations on SMEs financing; That it is an objective for 2009-2010; that, at the same time, they want to be selective on the conditions of transparency and the transfer of benefits; that they will see whether if these requires are accepted; that the intention is certainly to increase the volume of operations in this area as a condition will be that the intermediary banks accept their requirements in terms of transparency and real terms of transfer the benefits to SMEs. 00:00:58
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10:14:10 Philippe Maystad saying (in FRENCH) on Kosovo, that from their side, they continue working on the basis of an agreement that they have with the UN authorities on Kosovo; that there is no yet unanimity among the Member States so they can not change unilaterally the framework of their operations in Kosovo. 00:00:31
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10:14:46 Philippe Maystadt saying (in FRENCH) on the Western Balkans, that there is a shared wish of the three financial institutions to cooperate for the investment of the technical assistance, and the disposition are already taken in the institutions; that the BIRD Council has accepted that a very small part of the benefit goes to the technical assistance finance especially at the Western Balkans; that the Development Bank of the Council of Europe will use an existing fund for technical assistance and the administration of the EIB has agreed to use a part for financing the technical assistance; that they will put together the resources of the three institutions to better coordinate the technical assistance. 00:00:45
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10:15:34 Philippe Maystadt saying (in FRENCH) on a question about a Mediterranean project, that today, they have different ideas and have to see which one will be the final decision. That from his side, he considers that the Italian/Spanish initiative does a good diagnosis; that they should reinforce the support to the SMEs of the region; that the British Minister has said that the SMEs are the backbone of the EU economy, and this is also true for other regions and especially the Mediterranean area; that the Spanish/Italian proposal suggests also to support the microfinances which corresponds to a need. 00:00:51
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