Green Week 2008: Only One Earth – Don't waste it!: extracts from the press conference by Stavros Dimas

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End production: 03/06/2008   First transmission: 03/06/2008
This week, the European Commission held its "Green Week" in Brussels, this year with the slogan: "Only One Earth". For four days, civil society, business world and government authorities debated, exchanged experience and tried, with the best specialists, to reply to a number of key questions about the planet's future. This is the eighth time the Green Week is being held. With several thousand participants each year, it is the most important annual international event dedicated to the European Union’s environmental policies. On that occasion, Stavros Dimas, Member of the EC in charge of Environment, gave a press conference and announced that the European Commission will propose the introduction of mandatory minimum standards for the most environmental harmful products.

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10:09:51 Stavros Dimas, Member of the EC in charge of Environment, saying (in ENGLISH) that Europe's environmental footprint is one of the biggest on the planet; that if the rest of the world use the resources as europe do, we will need two Earth planets to cover the demand; that moving towards a more sustainable pattern of production and consumption is essential; that it is why they have chosen to focus this year's Green Week on resource's use. 00:00:36
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10:10:32 Stavros Dimas saying (in ENGLISH) that this Green Week will propose the introduction of mandatory minimum standards for the most environmental harmful products; that these standards will be based on the analysis of environmental impact from cradle to grave; that we already have standards for food safety, car safety and toys safety, so introducing standards for environmental safety is only common sense. 00:00:29
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10:11:06 Stavros Dimas saying (in ENGLISH) that there are some who worry that with economic growth falling at the moment, environmental policies are becoming something as a luxury; that this is a short term approach; that more sustainable consumtion means using less energy and less row materials; that at that time where companies are looking to be more productive, this is exactly the way to improve their economic performance. 00:00:31
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10:11:43 Stavros Dimas saying (in ENGLISH) that this mandatory product standards will be complemented by the voluntary standards of the EU eco-label scheme; that the scheme will be revised and made less costly in order to give manufacturers a greater incentive to go beyond minimum standards. 00:00:18
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10:12:08 Stavros Dimas saying (in ENGLISH) that europe have energy using products which is what the current Directive covers; that they are going to extend it to energy related products and they are still discussing and defining what exactly the revision will cover. 00:00:25
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