EU/Moldova Cooperation Council: extracts from the joint press conference by Matjaž Šinkovec, Hugues Mingarelli, Vladimir Voronin and Kálmán Mizsei

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End production: 27/05/2008   First transmission: 27/05/2008
The issue of Transnistria was the main theme of the political dialogue at the meeting of the EU/Moldova Cooperation Council held on 27 May 2008 in Brussels. The EU welcomed the measures to enhance mutual trust proposed by Vladimir Voronin, President of Moldova. The EU also emphasised the positive developments in relations between the European Union and Moldova. The Presidency pointed out that Moldova had made great progress in its reforms and that the European Union was consequently willing to think about a new agreement with Moldova. But at the same time, the Commission insisted on the need for Moldova to continue making efforts to pursue reforms, in areas like the fight against corruption and the freedom of expression.

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10:33:46 General view of the press conference room 00:00:07
10:33:53 Matjaž Šinkovec, Slovenian State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and President in office of the Council, (in SLOVENIAN) saying that the Slovenian Presidency has decided to start an internal discussion within the EU Council during its Presidency regarding the future framework of cooperation between the EU and Moldova; this is a process that will take several months; they call this time for reflection; and at the same time, the process of reforms in Moldova has to continue 00:00:31
10:34:24 Hugues Mingarelli, Deputy Director-General for the European Neighborhood Policy and relations with Eastern Europe of the EC, (in FRENCH) saying that a lot of progress has been done but there is still work to be done and they have encouraged President Vorodin and his ministers to fight against corruption, ensuring the independence of the judiciary, improving business environment, for example by making the rules more stable and transparent, and of course ensuring that the preparation of parliamentary elections of 2009 takes place in good conditions, and that means freedom of expression for the press and civil society being able to express their opinions freely 00:00:51
10:35:15 Vladimir Vorodin, President of Moldova, (in MOLDOVAN) saying that he would like to stress the irreversibility of the integration of Moldova; it is a firm belief and conviction of the Moldovan citizens who want a European future in a prosperous and stable country; the positive evaluation on the progress report of the European Union on the Action Plan with Moldova and the result obtained together, they hope, will make it possible to move from this legal stage to a new level of cooperation 00:00:36
10:35:51 Kálmán Mizsei, EU Special Representative for Moldova, (in ENGLISH) saying that they welcomed the personal efforts of President Vorodin to support the settlement process with a wide range of confidence building measures; with Transnistria he has made clear efforts and the EU clearly expects the Transnistrian authorities to respond constructively 00:00:34
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