Visit of Louis Michel to Myanmar: statement by Louis Michel in English at Bangkok airport prior to his departure to Myanmar, on the situation in Myanmar

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End production: 14/05/2008   First transmission: 14/05/2008
In view of the massive scale of destruction and need caused by the cyclone Nargis, and the acceptance by the authorities of Myanmar to receive international assistance, Louis Michel, Member of the EC in charge of Development and Humanitarian Aid, travelled to Myanmar. On 14 May 2008, on his way to Myanmar, still in Thailand, Louis Michel spoke about the situation and about the role of the EU providing humanitarian aid. He was about to meet with the authorities of Myanmar to discuss the best way forward to bringing international assistance to the affected population.

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10:38:11 Louis Michel, Member of the EC in charge of Development and Humanitarian Aid, (in ENGLISH) saying that his message is to ask the authorities of Myanmar to open access for EU's humanitarian workers to accede to the people who are the victims; now it is urgent, otherwise they will have a catastrophe added to another catastrophe; so he will explain them that they have to help the EU and he think they want to because they know they can trust the European Commission, which is impartial, independent, neutral, and not playing political games; the EU is there to help the people, to help the population; this is the strongest message he can deliver 00:00:41
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10:38:59 Louis Michel (in ENGLISH) saying that his problem is that being a Member of the EC for urgent aid, he is involved in the mission to help the people on the ground, and to help the people on the ground you must work loyally with the authorities, because without the authorities you will not have access to the people; so he needs to speak with them, to explain them, and build confidence, measures; that is the reason why he is there; he will have a very soft, quiet and constructive dialogue with the authorities of Myanmar; of course, his message is please now open the ways to give access for EU's workers to go and work with the victims and help them; they have the human resources, they have the money needed, they have the technical means to help them to be effective, now let's implement these means and these tools 00:00:59
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10:40:04 Louis Michel (in ENGLISH) saying that after such a disaster you have all kinds of consequences: the rice that was destroyed, the next harvest that has to be prepared, there is also a problem affecting the soils which is also very important for the harvest in October; so they must now work in emergency, they have to be effective, experts have to come and help, and they have to tackle the problem technically and practically 00:00:37
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10:40:47 Louis Michel (in ENGLISH) on China; saying that the Chinese government has reacted very quickly; they announced that they would welcome international aid and support; the EU is ready on the basis of the usual accountability rules to move in and to deliver; so, the Commission is always ready to help people when there are victims of this kind of catastrophe 00:00:33
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10:41:50 Louis Michel at the press conference and cutaways (4 shots) 00:00:26
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