EU/US "Open Skies" agreement: air services agreement to reshape global aviation

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End production: 15/05/2008   First transmission: 15/05/2008
The European Union and the United States kicked off the second phase of Open Skies talks in Slovenia's Brdo pri Kranju Congress Center. The two sides discussed the second phase of negotiations and open issues such as further liberalization of the market, possibilities of investments and environmental policy. The common objective of the signatories of the agreement is a further opening of market access and an increase in benefits for consumers, airlines, workforce and the communities on both sides of the Atlantic. Boyden Gray, Head of the mission of the United States to the EC, said that any agreement would require the approval of the US Congress and that meant winning over public opinion in the United States. He said that this was possible but would not be easy.

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11:12:39 General view of the press conference 00:00:05
11:12:44 Mirko Komac, Director-General of the Slovenian Transport Ministry Directorate for Civilian Aviation, (in SLOVENIAN) saying that he is aware of the difficult job of the negotiators; it is true that the second phase covers issues which are more difficult to negotiate, issues which are not covered by the bilateral agreements prepared so far; the experiences from the first phase are a good foundation for common search for solutions in the second phase (3 shots) 00:00:24
11:13:08 Zoltán Kazatsay, Deputy Director-General of the DG Energy and Transport of the EC, (in ENGLISH) saying that the European Union has one clear goal, and this is a political goal; they want to establish an open aviation area between the United States and the European Union; of course, the political goal is always connected to technical steps to be taken; and this is probably going to be more difficult because they have an agreement on the political intentions; the whole series of negotiations is going to concentrate on a lot of technicalities, and this is why he is not envious of the chairmen of the negotiators who will have to face the realities, the differences and to try to reach a mutually acceptable solution which will lead to the establishment of the Open Aviation Area between the two continents (4 shots) 00:01:08
11:14:16 Boyden Gray, Head of the mission of the United States to the EC, (in ENGLISH) saying that it will take generating public support in the United States, and that is doable but it's not easy; there is the question of reciprocity and some concern, on the US side, that what is possible for investment in EU airlines or EU Members States airlines based in EU Member States; that is an issue that has to be addressed symmetrically as well 00:00:33
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