Exchange of views on the ECB's annual report 2007, with the participation of Lucas Papademos, Vice-President of the European Central Bank

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End production: 21/04/2008   First transmission: 21/04/2008
Lucas Papademos, Vice-President of the European Central Bank, had an exchange of views on the ECB's annual report for 2007 with the Members of the EP in Strasbourg on 21 April 2008.

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10:10:11 Lucas Papademos, Vice-President of the European Central Bank, (in ENGLISH) saying that at the current juncture, the outlook for financial stability in the Euro area continues to be characterised by considerable uncertainty; it is also unclear what the impact will be on the intermediation of credit to the household and corporate sectors; moreover, further tensions in structured credit markets cannot be excluded in view of the ongoing weakness in the US housing market; and there is also a risk of adverse developments in the credit cycle; looking ahead, the ongoing adjustment of global financial markets is likely to last for some time; its interaction with the world economy would prove more wide-ranging and the shock-absorption capacity of the Euro area financial system could be further tested; improving transparency and enhancing valuation practices should be a top priority; the financial industry retains a primary responsibility and has strong incentives to promote the smooth functioning of the financial system; it does have to demonstrate its capacity to implement actions regarding transparency, valuation and risk management practices so as to finally turn the page on this difficult episode (4 shots) 00:02:06
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