Agriculture and Fisheries Council: extracts from the joint press conference by Iztok Jarc, Slovenian Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Food, and President in office of the Council, and Joe Borg

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End production: 14/04/2008   First transmission: 14/04/2008
EU Ministers for Fisheries adopted a regulation adapting the cod fishing quotas to be allocated to Poland in the Baltic Sea from 2008 to 2011, following the over-fishing of 2007. The regulation provides a payback over four years: Poland will pay back 10% of the exceed quotas in 2008, and a further 30% in each of the years 2009, 2010 and 2011, in order to avoid severe socio-economic consequences. Such provisions are conditional on Poland taking adequate action to control fishing and to reduce fleet overcapacity. In relation with the illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, the Council held a policy debate on a proposal for a regulation establishing a system to prevent and eliminate it. Nonetheless, at the end of the meeting, the Presidency acknowledged that positions were still diverging, as Member States disagree on the certification scheme and the sanctions to be imposed. They also analysed the situation of the cod stocks, as requested by France.

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10:00:11 Joe Borg, Member of the EC in charge of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, (in ENGLISH) on Poland; saying that the only concession that they have made is that rather than setting off the Polish over-fishing over one year, they have spread it out because they have decided that setting off in one year would be untenable for the Polish fishing sector; in return, they got from Poland a firm commitment and they are working with Poland to restructure the fleet, strengthening considerably their control measures, and also an undertaking which they are monitoring daily that they will not overshoot the cod quota during 2008; and Poland has undertaken very firm commitments, amended its legislation accordingly, so that what happen in 2007 will not repeat itself 00:00:56
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10:01:12 Joe Borg (in ENGLISH) on France's proposal for cod quotas; saying that they have managed to agreed with ICES to provide them with their advice by 15 May; this means that if the advice justifies an increase in the TAC for Celtic sea cod, they can immediately take a decision, because this would be a Commission decision, and refer it to Council by the end of June 00:00:35
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10:01:52 Iztok Jarc, Slovenian Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Food, and President in office of the Council, (in SLOVENIAN) on illegal fishing; saying that opinions are still relatively diverging, but the Presidency believes that through strengthening harmonisation between the Commission and Member States they can make progress in this area 00:00:24
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