74th plenary session of the Committee of the Regions: extracts from the speech by Viviane Reding

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End production: 09/04/2008   First transmission: 09/04/2008
Viviane Reding, Member of the EC in charge of Information Society and Media, addressed the 74th plenary session of the Committee of the Regions, chaired by President Luc van den Brande, on 9 April 2008 in Brussels. The Commissioner spoke about the European i2010 initiative on e-Inclusion, which aims to realise an information society for all European citizens. In November 2007, the European Commission adopted a Communication "European i2010 initiative on e-Inclusion - to be part of the information society" mainly to enable the conditions for everyone to take part in the information society by bridging the broadband, accessibility and tackling competences gaps, and to accelerate effective participation of groups at risk of exclusion and improving quality of life.

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10:57:06 Title 00:00:04
10:57:11 Exterior view of the Charlemagne building 00:00:06
10:57:17 Arrival of Viviane Reding, Member of the EC in charge of Information Society and Media 00:00:17
10:57:34 Cutaway 00:00:04
10:57:38 General view of the plenary session 00:00:04
10:57:42 Viviane Reding (in ENGLISH) saying that they have to reform in a stringent way the regulation of the telecom market; because today it is a fact that the telecom, the broadband, is reaching those parts of population which live in cities, but not the ones which live in the countryside, in the mountains or on islands; those are the ones which need more to be linked to the outside world; that is why they have to do everything possible by European rules and by national implementation so that the digital divide does not take place anymore 00:00:51
10:58:33 Cutaway 00:00:04
10:58:37 Viviane Reding (in ENGLISH) saying that everything they are doing will have a very important societal impact; so it is not about technologies, it is about people; but in order to care for people, technology matters; that is why they have to invest into research and into the implementation of the results of research into real society; that can also help the industry; because in e-health, she really sees huge opportunity for new industrial products to be developed in Europe and to be exported from Europe to other parts of the world; if they really get the e-health actions to work well, this is an opportunity for industrial development, meaning also for growth and jobs in Europe 00:01:01
10:59:38 General view of the session (6 shots) 00:00:36
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