Extracts from the Press conference by Olli Rehn, on the situation in Kosovo and on EU/Kosovo relations

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End production: 19/02/2008   First transmission: 19/02/2008
After the declaration of the independence of Kosovo, the EU confirmed its commitment with the region at the European General Affairs and External Relations Council. Some Member States have already recognised this independency. Olli Rehn, Member of the EC in charge of Enlargement, held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg a press conference. Olli Rehn has announced that the College approved a commitment of 1 billion Euros for supporting Kosovo the next 4 years.

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10:18:42 Olli Rehn, Member of the EC in charge of Enlargement, saying (in ENGLISH) that the EU is ready to commit over 1 billion Euro for a period of next 4 years, to support society needs and to finance EU missions; that they are also preparing a High Level Donors Conference to be held in late summer, by the summer break to address Kosovo's economy and social needs; that they engage regular political dialogue with Kosovo concerning reforms, they monitor progress and they have opened regional cooperation activities for Kosovo; that they shall continue this work as a progress towards the EU, which also means progress in standards and practices for a normal modern European society. 00:01:05
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10:19:50 Olli Rehn saying (in ENGLISH) that it is now important that Kosovo has committed itself to the principles of Democracy and Equality over all the citizens, to the protection to the Serbs and other minorities, to the protection of cultural and religious heritages and to international supervision according to the plan presented by the President Atisari; that at this critical moment, he calls people in Kosovo and in the region to remain calm, to show restraint and maintain peace and stability and refrain from any provocations or respond to any provocations, no violence can be tolerated in Kosovo or in the wider region. 00:00:57
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10:20:52 Olli Rehn saying (in ENGLISH) that he would like to underline that they are already using many commitments now with Kosovo and in the due course they will have to reflect by which means it will develop the trade relations, and visa facilitations and other concrete measures for Kosovo, because that is essential that they can help Kosovo to help itself to stand on its own feet so that they don't have to pour EU tax payers money for ever, and to have a black hole in the Western Balkans. 00:00:37
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10:21:34 Olli Rehn saying (in ENGLISH) that it is important that the finance assistance is closely related to political advice that EU is providing so that these countries can make real progress towards European standards and EU membership. So instead of building bridges, they are building institutions; that this is the way to use effectively and efficiently the European tax payers money. 00:00:39
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