Extracts from the press conference by Franco Frattini, on the launch of a border management package

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End production: 13/02/2008   First transmission: 13/02/2008
Franco Frattini, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Justice, Freedom and Security, presented a proposal for a "border management package" aiming at improving external border control standards while strengthening the protection of the victims of the traffic of human beings. The package foresees a Communication on Entry/exit system which strengthen border control procedures on third-country nationals to help better management of migration flows, preventing illegal immigration, as well as any possible threats to the security. The proposal includes also a report on the evaluation and future development of Frontex that will be an essential assessment for the feasibility of establishing a European system of border guards.

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10:12:35 Title 00:00:04
10:12:40 Arrival of Franco Frattini (2 shots) 00:00:18
10:12:58 Franco Frattini, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Justice, Freedom and Security, saying (in ENGLISH) that they cannot have mafia, traffickers or terrorists using better technology than their police; that they have to improve their capacity to use technology. 00:00:17
10:13:15 Cutaway of journalists attending the press conference 00:00:05
10:13:20 Franco Frattini saying (in ENGLISH) that he is the only one "in the world" proposing that in Europe, Register Traveller Programme opening automatically the entry at the airport will be extended to non Europeans; that in no other places in the world, states or unions of states have made a proposal to extend to non nationals the same guarantees that are offered to nationals. 00:00:38
10:13:58 Cutaway 00:00:05
10:14:03 Franco Frattini saying (in ENGLISH) that they have about 50 different authorities in Member States dealing with patrolling activities, prevention and so on, that's much more than one per each Member State and there is no interoperability; that the first goal is the interoperability. 00:00:26
10:14:29 Cutaway 00:00:07
10:14:36 Franco Frattini saying (in ENGLISH) that entry/exit system will contribute to solve the factor number one contributing to illegal migration which is not the desperate flow of migrants arriving to Lampedusa. The factor number one is overstayers in Europe. 00:00:27
10:15:03 Cutaway of journalists 00:00:06
10:15:09 Franco Frattini saying (in ENGLISH) that they have legitimated authorities, legitimated purposes; that there will be sanctions; that he's ready to introduce criminal sanctions for those who violate or missuse personal data; that he believes that European legislation on personal data should enter into force before this package is implemented and operational; that they have to balance between two rights: right to security and the other fundamental right which is privacy right. 00:00:41
10:15:50 Cutaway 00:00:04
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