Extracts from the statement by José Manuel Barroso, on the 4th Joint Parliamentary Meeting on Lisbon Strategy

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End production: 12/02/2008   First transmission: 12/02/2008
José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, made a statement on the occasion of the 4th Joint Parliamentary Meeting on Lisbon Strategy. The internal market, research, globalisation and the labour market have been among the issues discussed at this parliamentary meeting being held in Brussels by the European Parliament and the Slovenian presidency.

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10:06:40 Exterior of the European Parliament Building in Brussels 00:00:07
10:06:47 José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, saying (in English) that there should be annual debates in national parliaments on implementation of national reforms programmes and recommendations; that he urges them to take up this suggestion and to work with their national governments to make it happen. 00:00:13
10:07:00 José Manuel Barroso saying (in ENGLISH) that the fact is that they do not yet have a real European space for research; that they are not making the full of the potential that they have in Europe in terms of research and innovation. 00:00:18
10:07:18 José Manuel Barroso saying (in ENGLISH) that a conrete measure is a "small business act" for Europe, to foster the development and growth of millions of SMEs that creates 9 out of 10 new job; that SMEs deserve support, they are the most dynamic part of the European economy, and they are also important in terms of job creation; that they must drastically reduce the number of early school leavers, and improve basic reading skills, so that no one is left behind in the age of globalization; that this is of course, education policy, but this is also social policy, because they understand that in the challenge of globalisation, not everybody is a winner, there are some losers. 00:01:02
10:08:20 José Manuel Barroso saying (in ENGLISH) that they are responding to many concerns expressed by the citizens, proposing measures to quickly improve the energy efficiency of economies; that these are concrete examples of concrete actions (3 shots). 00:00:29
10:08:49 José Manuel Barroso explaining (in PORTUGUESE) that the European Commission does not intend to promote "tax harmonisation" within the EU; that would be impossible, because many Member States are against tax harmonisation and in this matter they need unanimity; that he doesn't think that tax harmonisation is a good thing. 00:00:37
10:09:26 Cutaways (4 shots) 00:00:20
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