Extracts from the Joint Press conference by José Manuel Barroso, Andris Piebalgs, Stavros Dimas and Neelie Kroes on the Energy and Climate change Package

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End production: 23/01/2008   First transmission: 23/01/2008
José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, Andris Piebalgs, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, Stavros Dimas, Member of the EC in charge of Environment, and Neelie Kroes, Member of the EC in charge of Competition, gave a joint press conference on the implementing of the EU climate change and energy strategy. They presented a package of proposals to fight climate change and promote renewable energy through Europe. By adopting this controversial strategy, which will be now submitted to the Members States, the European Commission wanted to show that Europe can fight climate change without harming its economy.

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10:27:44 José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, saying (in ENGLISH) that their proposal is not at all diminishing in ambition. At the same time, they have to acknowledge that there may be a risk, and they will assess it in 2010, of other parts of the world not having the same standards that they have and they do not want to out the jobs out of Europe. They do not want our industries to go out of Europe. They want to impose stricter limits for greenhouse gas emissions, but they want to keep industries in Europe. 00:00:40
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10:28:31 José Manuel Barroso saying (in ENGLISH) on the question of free permits for intensive energy industries until global agreement is reached that their goal remains a global agreement. And if there is a global agreement, there is not such a problem of carbon leakage. This is the most important goal. So it would be a complete mistake now, as they are struggling to have a global agreement, to say already these industries will have a kind of specific measures. In fact, they hope that these specific measures will not be necessary. 00:00:32
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10:29:10 Stavros Dimas, Member of the EC in charge of Environment, saying (in ENGLISH) that their Emissions Trading System, which they strengthened, improved and expanded, is going to be the prototype for the world and other countries to imitate. They could have similar systems introduced, compatible systems, and then they could link them together. 00:00:22
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10:29:40 Andris Piebalgs, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, saying (in ENGLISH) on the binding national targets for renewable energy that the basics of their approach are national targets with compulsory measures that should be taken. It is his duty to travel the Member States and discuss these targets. He cannot guarantee for all 27 countries, but at least for 20 he can guarantee that the targets proposed by the Commission will be accepted. That is encouraging that all Member States know that this is a huge ambition and that it is a very challenging task, and that they believe that it should be done. 00:00:54
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10:30:40 Neelie Kroes, Member of the EC in charge of Competition, saying (in ENGLISH) on the State aid guidelines that these guidelines that they have adopted this morning for environmental State aid are indeed clearer, more transparent, and more predictable and a better tool in the hands of these Member States who are really interested in this climate change package. 00:00:22
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10:31:04 Neelie Kroes saying (in ENGLISH) that if polluters do not pay enough and can avoid sufficient environmental investments because they receive State aid, it will not only distort competition, but it will also frustrate the very objective of meeting the EU's ambitious targets for the environment. 00:00:28
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