Statement by Martin Selmayr, Spokesperson of Viviane Reding, on competition in the Belgian telecoms

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End production: 03/01/2008   First transmission: 03/01/2008
The Commission recognised the recent efforts made by the Belgian telecoms regulator to enhance broadband competition in the Belgian market. In a letter sent on 3 January 2008, the Commission welcomes the measures taken and asks the regulator IBPT to reinforce the provisions allowing new entrants to use the local network of the historical incumbent operator to provide broadband services to end users.

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10:08:24 Martin Selmayr, Spokesperson of Viviane Reding, Member of the EC in charge of Information Society and Media, (in FRENCH) saying that Belgium is a little bit behind in terms of transposing the 2002 directive and the price for that is payed by the Belgian consumer; today people pay 38 Euros a month in Belgium for a broadband connection, which is 7 Euros more than in France and 10 Euros more than in the United Kingdom; so clearly there is a problem; the reason given by the Belgian regulator and supported by the Commission is the dominance of the traditional operator Belgacom on the Belgian market; the Belgian regulator is determined to open up access to the network owned by Belgacom and this also concerns a VDSL market; the EC is encouraging them to act quickly and to apply the measures that have been proposed; the Commission supports these measures because they think that the situation in the Belgian market is not ideal in terms of competition 00:01:31
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10:10:02 Martin Selmayr (in FRENCH) saying that the EC sent a reply to that notification from the Belgian regulator, to support the measures taken and to encourage the Belgian regulator to act quickly and to straighten these measures 00:00:15
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