Agriculture and Fisheries Council: second round table

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End production: 17/12/2007   First transmission: 17/12/2007
EU Ministers for Agriculture met on 17 December 2007 in Brussels to try to get an agreement on the reform of the wine sector. The Portuguese Presidency presented a working document with new proposals that the Council was supposed to discuss. The aim of the review is to help European wine makers to face the challenges of global competition and at the same time secure more effective spending of EU farm subsidies. However, several wine producing countries disagree on key points of the reforms. Northern and Central countries reject the ban for adding sugar to wine, while Southern countries call for subsidies for using pure grape juice and destillation. Another controversial point is the full liberalization of planting rights for quality wine makers.

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10:16:03 Title 00:00:04
10:16:08 Exterior view of the Council building 00:00:07
10:16:15 Italian delegation (2 shots) 00:00:12
10:16:27 Sabine Laruelle, Belgian Minister for Agriculture 00:00:06
10:16:33 Elena Espinosa Mangana, Spanish Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 00:00:06
10:16:39 Cutaway 00:00:08
10:16:47 British delegation 00:00:06
10:16:53 Gerda Verburg, Dutch Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, and Fernand Boden, Luxembourgish Minister for Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development (2 shots) 00:00:16
10:17:09 Jaime Silva, Portuguese Minister for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, and President in office of the Council, and Elena Espinosa Mangana 00:00:11
10:17:20 Markos Kyprianou, Member of the EC in charge of Health 00:00:06
10:17:26 Presidency: Jaime Silva 00:00:08
10:17:34 General view 00:00:06
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