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End production: 19/12/2007   First transmission: 19/12/2007
The German authorities informed the Commission on 15 December 2007 of an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza in a small holding of 11 chickens in Landkreis Oberhavel, north of Berlin. The precautionary measures laid down in the EU Avian Influenza Directive were applied, including the culling of the poultry on the holding and establishment of a 3 km protection zone and 10 km surveillance zone around the outbreak. In the protection zone, all domestic birds must be kept indoors, poultry cannot be moved (except directly to the slaughterhouse) and meat cannot be dispatched from the zone unless very stringent conditions are met. In both the protection and surveillance zones, on-farm biosecurity measures must be strengthened and the authorities were ensuring that all poultry owners were fully aware of the procedures to stop the spread of the virus. Investigations into the source of the outbreak were ongoing, but so far no other holdings in the risk zones had shown any sign of the disease.

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