Launch of "The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue": general atmosphere

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End production: 04/12/2007   First transmission: 04/12/2007
The launch of the communication campaign for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 was further enlivened by a group of Brussels' primary school children from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The children illustrated intercultural dialogue in practice by painting "their vision of each other". The paintings were shown to Ján Figel’, Member of the EC in charge of Education, Training, Culture and Youth. He was accompanied by a number of personalities from the cultural scene from across Europe and beyond who have offered their services as "European Ambassadors for Intercultural Dialogue". The European Ambassadors include Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, Slovak conductor Jack Martin Händler, Romanian film director Radu Mihaileanu, Slovenian conceptual artist Marko Peljhan, Catalan bass viola player Jordi Savall, Turkish piano player Fazil Say, and Serbian Eurovision champion Marija Šerifovic.

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10:32:38 Title 00:00:04
10:32:43 Exterior view of the European Commission building - EU flags 00:00:06
10:32:49 Painting session with the children (6 shots) 00:00:51
10:33:40 Paintings (5 shots) 00:00:31
10:34:11 Group photo of Ján Figel', Member of the EC in charge of Education, Training, Culture and Youth, with EU ambassadors - joined by children (10 shots) 00:01:12
10:35:23 Radu Mihaileanu, Romanian film director, (in FRENCH) saying that he believes that one of the greatest challenges in today's world is to recognize each other's identity and each other's culture; our role is to tell about the richness of each population's identity and culture; we must be both rich of ourselves but also of the other European cultures, as well as beyond; each of us, through our jobs and our way of thinking, must become little ambassadors of that spirit 00:00:32
10:35:55 Cutaway 00:00:07
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