Competitiveness (Internal Market, Industry and Research) Council: arrivals and round table

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End production: 22/11/2007   First transmission: 22/11/2007
The European Ministers in charge of Competitiveness met in Brussels to deal with internal market, industry and consumer protection matters. On the agenda: a European integrated approach to competitiveness, a progress report on better regulation, the European Commission's proposal for a timeshare directive and the communication: "Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European tourism". Ministers also discussed the simplification of business environment for EU companies and held an exchange of views regarding possible elements for a future patent litigation system in the EU.

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11:22:26 Title 00:00:04
11:22:31 Exterior view of the Council building 00:00:07
11:22:38 Arrival of Günter Verheugen, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Enterprise and Industry 00:00:19
11:22:57 Arrival of Andrej Vizjak, Slovenian Minister for the Economy 00:00:11
11:23:08 Arrival of Michael Ahern, Irish Minister of State with special responsibility for Innovation Policy 00:00:06
11:23:14 Arrival of Maria van der Hoeven, Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs 00:00:08
11:23:22 Arrival of Géza Egyed, Hungarian State Secretary for Economic Development 00:00:06
11:23:28 Arrival of Pier Luigi Bersani, Italian Minister for Economic Development 00:00:15
11:23:43 Cutaway 00:00:05
11:23:48 Roundtable: Pier Luigi Bersani 00:00:05
11:23:53 Martin Bartenstein, Austrian Federal Minister for Economics and Labour (2 shots) 00:00:13
11:24:06 Manuel Pinho, Portuguese Minister for Economy and Innovation and President in office of the Council (2 shots) 00:00:11
11:24:17 Günter Verheugen (2 shots) 00:00:13
11:24:30 Censu Galea, Maltese Minister for Competitiveness and Communications 00:00:07
11:24:37 Estonian delegation 00:00:06
11:24:43 Joachim Wuermeling, Administrative Secretary of State in the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, and Günter Verheugen 00:00:07
11:24:50 General view (2 shots) 00:00:14
11:25:04 Günter Verheugen 00:00:08
11:25:12 General view 00:00:11
11:25:23 Manuel Pinho 00:00:07
11:25:30 General view 00:00:10
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