EU/Ukraine Chiefs of Defence meeting: round table

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End production: 15/11/2007
The Chiefs of Defence of the 27 EU Member States met in Brussels with their Ukrainian counterparts to discuss the military political cooperation between the EU and the Ukrainian armies. General Henri Bentegeat, Head of the Military Committee of the European Union (EUMC), was in Ukraine on 11 October 2007 for a meeting with Serhei Kyrychenko, Ukraine’s Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief and Head of the General Headquarters. This was the first visit of an EU chief military officer to Ukraine. Ukraine wants to integrate into European and Euro-Atlantic organisations, for which it needs, in particular, to reform its Armed Forces in accordance with the European and Euro-Atlantic standards, in order to take part in future joint operations with European armies.

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11:20:52 Title 00:00:04
11:20:57 Interior view of the main entry hall of the Council building 00:00:11
11:21:08 Roundtable - British delegation 00:00:05
11:21:13 German delegation (2 shots) 00:00:14
11:21:27 General view 00:00:06
11:21:33 Spanish delegation 00:00:06
11:21:39 General view 00:00:08
11:21:47 Lithuanian delegation 00:00:05
11:21:52 Ukrainian delegation and General Henri Bentegeat, Head of the Military Committee of the European Union (EUMC) (2 shots) 00:00:16
11:22:08 General Henri Bentegeat 00:00:04
11:22:12 French delegation and general view 00:00:08
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