Joint Parliamentary Meeting on Climate Change

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The European Parliament in Brussels hosted a Joint Parliamentary Meeting on Climate Change on 2 October 2007. The EU, which is responsible for 14% of worldwide emissions, "should set an example", said Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of the EP.

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10:22:46 Title 00:00:04
10:22:51 Exterior view of the European Parliament in Brussels 00:00:05
10:22:56 a Member of the Portuguese Parliament (in PORTUGUESE) on the European instruments that should be used 00:00:25
10:23:21 Mrs Heck, (in ENGLISH) reporting on working group B; saying that we are in the midst of an engineering revolution, we are moving from electricity to smart energy, what we need to do is to pull our resources both on research and innovation, on investments and also on the internal market 00:00:23
10:23:44 Gloria Arullo (in PORTUGUESE) on the key role of National Parliaments; on the current example of France; on the market; on the consumers; 00:01:20
10:25:04 Francisco Nunes Correia, Portuguese Minister for Environment, Spatial Planning and Regional Development, (in PORTUGUESE) saying that the planet is our common home; on the role of the United Nations 00:00:34
10:25:38 a Representative of the Czech Parliament (in CZECH) saying that adaptation measures should not be in opposition of mitigation measures 00:00:27
10:26:05 Hans Peter Thul, Member of the German Bundestag, (in GERMAN) on planning solar systems and new building schemes 00:00:39
10:26:44 a Representative of the Finish Parliament (in FINNISH) on the fifty per cent reduction by 2050; saying that there should be a consistent policy in the EU; when they talk about changes in production and consumption they need incentives 00:00:56
10:27:40 Cutaways (2 shots) 00:00:06
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