4th ministerial eGovernment Conference: closing ceremony

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End production: 21/09/2007   First transmission: 21/09/2007
The Portuguese Government and the European Commission jointly organised the 4th Ministerial eGovernment Conference. The event took place in Lisbon from 19 to 21 September 2007 under the title "Reaping the Benefits of eGovernment". The Conference revolved around four main themes relating to ICT and Public Services: better public services for growth and jobs; participation and transparency; social impact and cohesion; effective and efficient administration.

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11:22:28 Title 00:00:04
11:22:33 Exterior view of the "Feira Internacional de Lisboa" (3 shots) 00:00:14
11:22:47 General view of the exhibition centre (4 shots) 00:00:22
11:23:09 General view of the podium with José Mariano Gago, Portuguese Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education (2 shots) 00:00:13
11:23:22 Cutaway 00:00:01
11:23:23 José Mariano Gago (in ENGLISH) saying that e-Science is, in many ways, still leading the way; as it happened at the beginning of the World Wide Web, it is leading the way in designing new ways of collaborative work, in developing simulation tools that will become part of our daily life in many areas 00:00:24
11:23:47 Cutaway 00:00:03
11:23:50 Mark MacGann, Director-General of the European Information and Communications Technology Industry Association (EICTA), (in ENGLISH) saying that they are largely supportive of what the Member States have done and achieved under the leadership of the European Commission; they welcome as an industry the continuing focus on the Id; they believe that research and development in identity management lies at the core of the future of eGovernment services in the European Union 00:00:22
11:24:12 Cutaway 00:00:03
11:24:15 Mark MacGann (in ENGLISH) saying that interoperability in the EU is not a fact of life; there is insufficient progress on the deployment of these eGovernment services across borders; and while the Ministerial Declaration refers to the importance of increased cross borders interoperability of services networks to the citizens, they believe that Ministers should be more ambitious in laying out the framework to achieve that objective 00:00:26
11:24:41 Cutaway 00:00:04
11:24:45 Mark MacGann (in ENGLISH) saying that they would welcome great allocation of European Funding in the 7th Framework Program to consider the key enables of the future: elements of technology such as service oriented architecture, shared services and the famous Web 2.0, and the Internet 00:00:20
11:25:05 Cutaway 00:00:04
11:25:09 Graham Taylor, Chief Executive of OpenForum Europe, (in ENGLISH) saying that the continuing work of IDABC and the European Commission in developing the European interoperability framework is absolutely fundamental 00:00:10
11:25:19 Cutaway 00:00:03
11:25:22 Graham Taylor (in ENGLISH) saying that it is all about realising choice and competition in the market, allowing innovations to flow through 00:00:07
11:25:29 Cutaway 00:00:04
11:25:33 Graham Taylor (in ENGLISH) saying that they are offering full support to the Declaration 00:00:11
11:25:44 Cutaway (2 shots) 00:00:09
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