4th Ministerial eGovernment Conference

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End production: 20/09/2007   First transmission: 20/09/2007
The Portuguese Government and the European Commission jointly organised the 4th Ministerial eGovernment Conference. The event took place in Lisbon from 19 to 21 September 2007 under the title "Reaping the Benefits of eGovernment". The Conference revolved around four main themes relating to ICT and Public Services: better public services for growth and jobs; participation and transparency; social impact and cohesion; effective and efficient administration.

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11:03:04 Title 00:00:04
11:03:09 Exterior view of the "Feira Internacional de Lisboa" (2 shots) 00:00:14
11:03:23 Arrival of Pedro Silva Pereira, Portuguese Minister for the Presidency 00:00:18
11:03:41 Cutaway 00:00:04
11:03:45 Arrival of Siim Kallas, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Administrative Affairs, Audit and Anti-Fraud 00:00:20
11:04:05 General view of the participants (4 shots) 00:00:19
11:04:24 Arrival of José Sócrates, Portuguese Prime Minister and President in office of the Council of the EU, Siim Kallas, and Pedro Silva Pereira, to the Plenarium 00:00:16
11:04:40 Cutaway 00:00:04
11:04:44 José Sócrates (in PORTUGUESE) saying that a connected and avant-guard Europe is a more transparent Europe, more efficient and closer to citizens and companies, and therefore a better Europe, one who serves a better world 00:00:26
11:05:10 José Sócrates and Siim Kallas visiting the exhibition (4 shots) 00:00:23
11:05:33 Siim Kallas (in ENGLISH) saying that the Ministerial Declaration which was adopted the previous day (the Commission was also its observer but definitely the facilitator) is an important step in developing the eGovernment environment in Europe; it is time, it is going on and development is very fast, so it is very important that these principles which have been adopted will be implemented so they will definitely make government more convenient for citizens, more accessible, administration itself more efficient; so this declaration is a good step and what is especially good is that all governments showed very clear commitment and enthusiasm in developing egovernment issues and everybody understands that this is our life today, information is there, and you must manage this new world 00:00:59
11:06:32 Arrival of Pedro Silva Pereira for the Ministerial Declaration (2 shots) 00:00:15
11:06:47 Pedro Silva Pereira (in PORTUGUESE) saying that there are four priorities in this declaration; the first one is about the interoperability between Member States; the idea is that they need to develop common European interests 00:00:20
11:07:07 Cutaway 00:00:04
11:07:11 Pedro Silva Pereira (in PORTUGUESE) saying that the second priority is the reduction of administrative costs, the idea of reducing bureaucracy, reducing costs for the citizens and companies 00:00:16
11:07:27 Cutaway 00:00:04
11:07:31 Pedro Silva Pereira (in PORTUGUESE) on the inclusive electronic administration; saying that the idea is that we can't leave anyone behind in this development process 00:00:12
11:07:43 Cutaway 00:00:07
11:07:50 Pedro Silva Pereira (in PORTUGUESE) on promoting the participation through eGovernement; saying that the tools they have are tools that can help to qualify the democracies even more and to add value to the citizenship in European societies 00:00:22
11:08:12 Views of the audience (4 shots) 00:00:21
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