Opinion in the case C-408/04 (Commission v Salzgitter AG) on competition

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End production: 11/09/2007   First transmission: 11/09/2007
At the Luxembourg-based Court of Justice of the EC, an EU top legal adviser said that an earlier EU court judgment that overturned a European Commission decision ordering the repayment of aid given to German steel group Salzgitter AG should be annulled. In his opinion, the advocate general found that the lower court, the Court of First Instance, made errors in its analysis of the case. Such opinions are non-binding but the Court of Justice follows suit in about 80% of cases. In 2000, the Commission said that tax aid granted by the German government to Salzgitter, Preussag Stahl AG (PSAG) and units of the group from the 1980s to 1995 was incompatible with EU rules and ordered the repayment of the aid. In 2004, the Court of First Instance overturned part of the Commission's ruling.

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