Statement by Meglena Kuneva on toy safety

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End production: 25/09/2007   First transmission: 25/09/2007
Meglena Kuneva, Member of the EC in charge of Consumer Protection, made a statement concerning possibly dangerous toys imported from China and the proposed solutions of the European Commission.

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10:17:16 Exterior view of the European Parliament in Strasbourg 00:00:05
10:17:21 Meglena Kuneva, Member of the EC in charge of Consumer Protection, (in ENGLISH) saying that this is really the right moment to start the talks and actions concerning toy safety, because Christmas is coming; they started in August, when the recalls, based on European legislation, were proposed in all the Member States; that means that the European system is efficient but it very much relies on the Member States; since the beginning of the recall, she has talked with all the European toys producers, Member States authorities, several times with the European Parliament, with Mattel, who is the main importer of Chinese goods in Europe; and they established good relations, asking them to destroy all the toys which are detected as dangerous; there is no room for complaisancy because we are in a common internal market; all the Member States should assume their obligations, not only because of their national citizens but because this is an internal market; as long as consumer interests are not well protected, the internal market is not completed; the European Commission fully assumes its obligations and expects the same from the Member States and consumer organizations 00:01:55
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