Statement by Antonia Mochan, spokesperson of Janez Potocnik, on Fisher Price toys

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End production: 03/08/2007
Mattel, the owner of Fisher Price, sent to the European Commission a list with their products made in China which are made with paints with too much lead. The European Commission sent this list to the Member States to warm their consumers.

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10:19:05 Antonia Mochan, spokesperson of Janez Potocnik, Member of the EC in charge of Science and Research, (in ENGLISH) saying that the EC received a notification from Mattel, the owner of Ficher-Price, and they sent the information out to all the 27 Member States and asked them to keep the EC informed about what is happening on their markets; the EC has so far received notifications from Belgium and the United Kingdom; the belgian authorities informed the EC that there are a certain number of the products on the Belgian market which are concerned by this recall; they have put adverts in a lot of the Belgian press to make consumers aware of this; and they are of course recalling the products; the UK authorities informed the EC that they received the same notification from Mattel UK, and that Mattel UK is withrowing these toys; according to Mattel UK most of these toys were still in the warehouses and not in the shops, but the EC is very concerned to make sure that these products did not reach consumers, and is working closely with Mattel to make sure that this is not the case; in the exact case here this is a producer recall, so the company is in the need on ensuring a) that the products are sourced and removed and b) that the consumers are involved; the role of the Commission is to make sure that information is sent to the competent authorities in the Member States, so that they can be as sure as possible that these products do not reach consumers 00:01:25
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10:20:40 Antonia Mochan (in ENGLISH) saying that the idea is that in order to be on the market, it has to be under the toys directive, but of course the reason that the EC has this Rapid Alert System in place is for the cases where there are problems, such as the toothpaste case; there are certain measures in place in order to ensure that when there is a problem the products can be picked out 00:00:32
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