Presentation of the report on racism and xenophobia in the EU by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency

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End production: 27/08/2007   First transmission: 27/08/2007
Unequal treatment continues in employment, housing and education, according to data collected by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). Figures for racist crime in 2005-5006 are up in a number of EU countries. The data collection systems remain inadequate to support the fight against racism. Yet, there are many signs that the EU anti-discrimination legislation is having a positive impact. However, victims of discrimination still lack knowledge of the new rules, indicating that Member States need to do more to raise awareness in this respect.

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10:07:07 Title 00:00:04
10:07:12 Exterior view of the European Parliament building 00:00:05
10:07:17 Arrival of John Wrench, Head of the "Research and Analysis" Sector of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights 00:00:07
10:07:24 John Wrench, (in ENGLISH) on the main themes of the report; saying that in 2007 they have looked at all incidents of racism and discrimination and related issues in the areas of employment, housing, education, violence and crimes; the overall theme is the legal context, which is in particular the racial equality directive; on the fact that some countries are not giving the right data, or not having any statistics at all; saying that there is an urgent need to raise the awareness of countries regarding the issue of racism and xenophobia (2 shots) 00:01:33
10:08:57 General view of the session (16 shots) 00:01:20
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