Statements by the Council and the Commission on the future agreement on Kosovo, plenary session of the EP

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End production: 11/07/2007
The Members of the EP debated the future agreement on Kosovo after hearing statements from the Commission and the Council. On 29 March 2007, the EP gave its full support to the Ahtisaari proposal for a status settlement, stating that "sovereignty supervised by the international community is the best option" for securing the objectives of a peaceful, self-sustaining Kosovo. The report also reaffirmed the European perspective of both Serbia and Kosovo, and called for the EU to play a central role in the current international negotiations for a settlement.

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10:00:48 Exterior view of the European Parliament in Strasbourg 00:00:05
10:00:53 Manuel Lobo Antunes, Portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs, (in PORTUGUESE) saying that in the last year there has been consistent progress and even stabilization in the Western Balkans; there is a key challenge to be faced in the meantime, the work on the final status of Kosovo must be completed and results implemented, it is a strategic objective; a timely resolution is necessary to create the basis of a democratic and multi ethnic State based on the rule of law and providing stability and a European perspective in the region 00:00:47
10:01:40 Olli Rehn, Member of the EC in charge of Enlargement, (in ENGLISH) saying that Kosovo is a European matter; there is a lot at stake to achieve a sustainable settlement based on the Ahtisaari proposal; it is crucial for the development and stability of the region; both Serbia and Kosovo are due to become part of the EU like their neighbours since the future of the Western Balkans lies in the EU; the key elements of this proposal are the building blocks of any modern society: they include the protection of the rights of community, the protection of cultural and religious heritage and basic constitutional and security provisions; all these are vital for a democratic and multi ethnic Kosovo (2 shots) 00:00:58
10:02:38 Bernd Posselt, Member of the EP, (in GERMAN) saying that he wants to stress clearly that the EU cannot accept that the West ends up in a trap whereby the Serbian constitution would raise territorial claims on Kosovo, the Russian would put down their reservation or veto as long as the Serbs do not agree and that would become a danger for peace 00:00:29
10:03:07 Hannes Swoboda, Member of the EP, (in GERMAN) saying that the EU wants to give Serbia a chance through the association and stabilization agreement, through the visa facilitation regime and cooperation with ICTY; wants Serbia to understand it has a place in the Union; the EU has to do away with Serbia's inferiority complex 00:00:25
10:03:32 Brian Crowley, Member of the EP, (in ENGLISH) saying that it is essential to present a new opportunity to Kosovo, but also to take into consideration the unique and special concerns that Serbia has; it is important that the EU has a dialogue not only with Kosovo but also with Serbia, to give them the encouragement to move forward and to find a new path in the nation building process 00:00:22
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