Statement by Neelie Kroes on the Stocznia shipyard in Gdansk

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End production: 31/08/2007   First transmission: 31/08/2007
Neelie Kroes, Member of the EC in charge of Competition, made a statement about the Gdansk shipyard. She said that the goal is to ensure the long-term survival of the shipyard with a view to ensuring sustainable jobs for the future. However, she insisted on the need of reducing its production capacity to ensure that there is no distortion of competition that would harm other shipyards in Europe.

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10:54:43 Title 00:00:04
10:54:48 Neelie Kroes, Member of the EC in charge of Competition, at her office (4 shots) 00:00:23
10:55:11 Neelie Kroes (in ENGLISH) saying that people should not be afraid that the EC wants to close the shipyard, that is not the case; they want to continue with those activities together with the Polish government to make a healthy shipyard in Gdansk; less production capacity but healthy; and number two: there are structural funds in Brussels that can be found for those who couldn't find a job in the new setting of the Gdansk shipyard and those funds are well known by the Polish government 00:00:40
10:55:51 Cutaway 00:00:09
10:56:00 Neelie Kroes (in ENGLISH) saying that the European Commission is in close contact with the Polish government; both the European Commission and the Polish government are highly interested in a viable shipyard in Gdansk because only a viable shipyard can assure people to have jobs in a near future that are not only paid by state money but are paid by the profit the yard is making; they are looking forward for such a viable shipyard in Gdansk 00:00:34
10:56:34 Cutaway (2 shots) 00:00:14
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