Petition in favour of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor imprisoned and sentenced to death in Lybia

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End production: 21/06/2007
In Brussels, in the margins of the European Council, the FNIB (Belgian National Federation for nurses), associated to other organisations, handed over to the German presidency of the EU some 1.200.000 petitions, that were collected over the last few months in the whole of Europe, in favour of the 5 Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor imprisoned in Libya. They asked the EU to urge the libyan High Court to drop the death sentence against them.

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11:35:24 Title 00:00:04
11:35:29 Arrival of delegations of the FNIB (National Federation of Belgian Nurses), ICN (International Council of Nurses) and WMA (World Medical Association), accompanied by family members of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor, in the security area outside the Council building (2 shots) 00:00:12
11:35:41 Michel Dumont, President of the FNIB, welcomed by the chief of protocol of Angela Merkel, German Federal Chancellor and President in office of the Council of the EU 00:00:14
11:35:55 Michel Dumont (in FRENCH) saying that during this summit, which seems to be an important one, and given the EU relations with Libya, they wanted to handover these petitions; they collected some 1.200.000 signatures in the whole Europe 00:00:17
11:36:12 the chief of protocol of Angela Merkel (in ENGLISH) saying that for the German presidency, this is a matter of the utmost importance; just some days ago, Angela Merkel sent Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Member of the EC in charge of External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, to Tripoli to negotiate; this is a matter that is on our minds and in our hearts; he will transfer the signatures and wishes to Angela Merkel 00:00:38
11:36:50 Presentation of family members of the Bulgarian nurses and of the Palestinian doctor (2 shots) 00:00:36
11:37:26 Handing over of the petitions (3 shots) 00:00:16
11:37:42 the father of the Palestinian doctor (in ENGLISH) saying thank you for trying to free his son and the Bulgarian nurses 00:00:09
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