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Dear Customers,

Today, Wednesday 2.04.2014, we have put in production a new version of our AVS Corporate Player version 2 It fixes some bugs and provides some relevant new features:
  • We have corrected a bug related to subtitle version files, from now on the language version can be customized in the embed code.
  • The slider in the control bar is more accurate.
  • The Embed and Share screens provide more options: from now on the users are able to configure some parameters of the embed code such as: Width, Height, Default language, Start time, End Time, Autoplay.
    Width: choose the width of the player in pixels
    Height: choose the height of the player in pixels
    Start time: choose the start time of the video in second
    End time: choose the end time of the video in second, must be higher than the start time
    Language: choose the language you want the player to start with
    Autoplay: yes/no: automatic start of the video at the loading of the player
    Copy: copy of the embed code dynamically generated
  • The short url proposed on the share screen uses from now the corporate URL shortener, so the url will look like!hG68CM
  • Related video screen: we have added a related video screen at the end of each video.
Please report to us any bug or inconsistency that might occur.  

Tuesday 10th December, we are glad to inform you that the AV portal is now equipped with the first version of this corporate player, and compatible with non-flash player devices, smartphones and tablets, thanks to the HTML5 video tag.

It is very practical to use and it has new useful functionalities such as:

  • Language selection (on the portal and embed versions)
  • Subtitles integration
  • Shotlist viewer (on the portal)
  • Sharing buttons for social media
  • Related videos show up after the video is done playing
  • Cropping selection integrated within the url (specify start and end-time)
  • Customizable size of the player, depending on the page layout.

In addition, it is now possible to embed the video player using an iFrame tag.
You may now embed a video on your own website and keep all the above mentioned features.

Please, see example below :

Next versions to be followed�

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