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Transferable quotas

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European fisheries policy is at a crossroads. Today, stocks are overexploited, fishermen’s standard of living is declining, and more and more fish products have to be imported, with negative consequences for the environment. Simply put, there are too many boats chasing too few fish in European waters. To encourage a return to abundant stocks in a sustainable way, the European Commission has proposed a change to the old system of quota distribution, towards a Transferable Fishing Concessions (TFC) system for fishing allocations. TFCs automatically result in the adjustment of fleet capacity to available quotas as a key instrument to restoring sustainability, giving freedom to fishermen to make long-term economic choices, and reducing discards and limiting negative environmental effects. In this documentary, we meet fishermen across Europe who have adopted the new system. On board and dockside, we discover how this system has allowed them to reverse the trend.

Type: Video news release   Référence: I-073784   Date: 21/06/2012   Durée: 10:30 Location: Suède | Vigo | Vigo - Port  

Tags: Mer | Poisson | Pêcheur | Pêche | Quotas
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10:30 Transferable quotas
Transferable quotas
Ref: I-073784
Date: 21/06/2012

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