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Extraits de la conférence de presse de Jacques Barrot sur la création d'un bureau européen d'appui en matière d'asile

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The EC presented a proposal for the creation of a European Asylum Support Office. Its objective is to accompany EU legal harmonisation with effective practical cooperation in view of improving convergence in asylum decisions by Member States. This European Asylum Support Office will assist national administrations in order to improve the quality and convergence of their decisions. It will draw up a common training programme and exchange best practices. It will give its support to the Member States most affected by refugee flows by making group of experts available to them, especially specialised interpreters. Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Justice, Freedom and Security, explained the situation is very different from one member state to another. He added that the European Commission wants to put an end to this situation by improving solidarity. The aim is to ensure that asylum seekers get a tailored made response to their request with a maximum of guarantees that it has been studied in the most objective possible way. Barrot also said that the Commission doesn't want to see a reduction in the percentage of the request acceptance in any country. The goal is to better share out asylum seekers and at the same time ensure that whatever country they turn to, they are treated more or less in the same way.

Type: EbS   Référence: 62066   Date: 18/02/2009   Durée: 00:03:37
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