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Signing ceremony of an agreement to resume aid with Guinea


On 21 December 2012, Marcus Cornaro, Deputy Director-General of the EuropAid Development and Cooperation DG of the EC, received, in Brussels, the visit of Kerfalla Yansané, Guinean Minister for Finance in the framework of the signature of the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) marking the resumption of full cooperation between the EU and Guinea. Of a total of 236 million Euros, the 10th EDF gathers two envelopes; the envelope "A" and the envelope ''B" for the respective amounts of 174 million and 62 million Euros. The Envelope "B" is devoted to the financing of emergency social activities and actions to go out of the crisis, the strengthening of capacity of government, the organisation of elections and the reform of the defense and security sector. The actions of the envelope B are already all identified. However, the actual release of the envelope "A" will take place after the legislative elections. This envelope will serve to finance essential investments in basic services such as health, water and sanitation.

Type: Report   Reference: I-075765   Date: 21/12/2012   Duration: 26:08
Personalities:   Damme, Philippe van |   Louncény Fall, François |   Yansané, Kerfalla |   Cornaro, Marcus  
Location: Brussels - EC  
Languages: ORIGINAL

Tags: Agreement | Democracy | Development aid | EU external relations | Guinea | National election
© European Union, 2012   /   Source: EC - Audiovisual Service
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26:08 Signing ceremony of an agreement to resume aid with Guinea
Signing ceremony of an agreement to resume aid with Guinea
Ref: I-075765
Date: 21/12/2012

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