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The Euro 1998 (Part VI)

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This stockshots presents the following footage related to the history of the euro:
- presentation of the convergence criteria at the Commission meeting in Brussels,
- atmosphere in the press room,
- presentation of the convergence criteria in Frankfurt at the EMI;
- summary of the press conference by Wim Duisenberg, President of the EMI;
- European Euro Council in Brussels;
- "Economy and Finance" Council,
- nomination of the 11 countries ready to enter into the eurozone and
- the nomination of Wim Duisemberg to the Presidency of the ECB, extracts from press conferences.

Type: Archives [long]   Reference: I-024312   Date: 05/05/1998   Duration: 23:01
Personalities:   Santer, Jacques |   Trichet, Jean-Claude |   Brown, Gordon |   Sousa Franco, António de |   Gama, Jaime |   Védrine, Hubert |   Gil-Robles, José María |   Guterres, António |   Aznar, José María |   Rato y Figaredo, Rodrigo de |   Ciampi, Carlo Azeglio |   Cook, Robin |   Duisenberg, Wim |   Blair, Tony |   Rasmussen, Poul Nyrup |   Kok, Wim |   Papantoniou, Yiannos |   van Mierlo, Hans |   Zalm, Gerrit |   Juncker, Jean-Claude |   Silguy, Yves-Thibault de |   van den Broek, Hans |   Dehaene, Jean-Luc |   Kohl, Helmut |   Prodi, Romano |   Persson, Göran |   Maystadt, Philippe |   Simitis, Constantin |   Waigel, Theo |   Strauss-Kahn, Dominique |   Chirac, Jacques |   Matutes, Abel |   Kinkel, Klaus  
Location: Brussels | Brussels - EP | Brussels - Council/Justus Lipsius | Strasbourg - EP/Louise Weiss | Brussels - EC/Breydel | Frankfurt am Main - European Monetary Institute | Brussels - European Parliament  
Languages: ORIGINAL

Tags: Austria | Belgium | Council - ECOFIN | Council - Economy and Finance | ECB | EMI | European Central Bank | European Monetary Institute | Euro | Finland | France | Germany | Ireland | Italy | Luxembourg | Portugal | Spain | The Netherlands
© European Communities, 1998   /   Source: EC - Audiovisual Service
Architect: André Polak, Bureau d'architectes CDG, Jean Polak, Johan van Dessel, Marc vanden Bossche
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23:01 The Euro 1998 (Part VI)
The Euro 1998 (Part VI)
Ref: I-024312
Date: 05/05/1998

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