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Biotechnology makes a significant contribution to core European Union policy goals including public health, ageing society, economic growth, job creation, sustainable development, and environmental protection. Its broad range of high-tech applications is increasingly playing a role in enhancing the EU's competitiveness, raising economic growth and improving the welfare of European citizens.

Type: Archives [short]   Reference: I-072248   Date: 07/02/2012   Duration: 07:28
Personalities: Oredsson, Michael  
Location: Lund | Madrid | Ispra - EC/Joint Research Centre  
Languages: ORIGINAL,

Tags: Biotechnology | GMO | Innovation | Joint Research Centre | Research and development
© European Union, 2012   /   Source: EC - Audiovisual Service
Director: Sophie Letroye
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07:28 Biotechnology
Ref: I-072248
Date: 07/02/2012

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