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Youth @ Work - Greece


Young people have been hard hit by the economic crisis as they often lack the experience and skills to be competitive. Today one in five young Europeans cannot find a job. The Youth@Work campaign, however, aims to show that thanks to their fresh take on the world, young people often have lots of energy and innovative ideas which can be useful to businesses.
With 32% of young people out of work, Greece has one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in the European Union. According to a European study however, Greeks are the most likely to prefer to be self-employed rather than to be an employee. Orestis Matsoukas, 28, shares this opinion. He recently started his own SME called Orama Group which helps young companies to develop themselves. Nowadays he has a job that he likes and feels a sense of achievement because he has created something on his own.

Type: Clip   Reference: I-071254   Date: 18/10/2011   Duration: 02:16 Location: Greece  

Tags: Entrepreneurship | SME | Work of young people
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