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Agriculture and Rural Development - Winter: 2011

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European agriculture is a key sector of the European economy. And the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the major European policies. The CAP has been reformed continually since its creation. It has been adapted to respond to the challenges of time. Today's CAP follows on from the 2003 reform, following on from Agenda 2000. In the future, agricultural techniques must adapt to the effects of climate change. More must be produced, with less. The scarcity of natural resources must be managed. Consumers must also be offered ever safer, healthier and more varied products. In order to illustrate these new challenges in European Agriculture, the Audiovisual Services of the EC has produced a series of stockshots on Agriculture and Rural Development. The first three of a series of four stockshots were released in 2010. The fourth in the series, 'Winter 2011', will be released on 01/03/2011 and covers: 1. LIVESTOCK 1.1. Farm: Sweden 1.2. Farm: Lithuania 1.3. Farm: England 1.4. Artificial insemination: Belgium 1.5. Agricultural fair: France 1.6. Pig farm: France 1.7. Traditional sausage making: Romania 2. WORKING THE LAND 2.1. Spring wheat: Spain 2.2. Olive harvest: Spain 2.3. Orange harvest: Portugal 2.4. Vegetable farm: Italy 2.5. Soil sampling: Belgium CORRECTION: 10:42:21:06 - Please note that the chapter entitled "Orange Harvest: Portugal" was filmed in Portugal and the on-screen title is an error which will be corrected. Our apologies for any confusion caused by this error.

Type: Stockshots [long]   Reference: I-067699   Date: 08/11/2010   Duration: 01:00:00
Personalities:   Palmcrantz, Niklas |   Bataille, Olivier |   Braive, Jean-Bernard |   Colombini, Alessandro |   Wauthier, Daniel  
Location: Crespina | Olne | Frasnes-lez-Anvaing | La Puebla de Híjar | Rejmyre | Villarrobledo | France | Saint-Sauveur | Le Malzieu-Ville | Faro | Sibiu | Horsted Keynes | Saint-Hadelin | Molėtai  
Languages: ORIGINAL

Tags: Agricultural farming | Animal Husbandry | CAP | Common Agricultural Policy | Fruit and vegetables | Milk product | Rural development
© European Union, 2010   /   Source: EC - Audiovisual Service
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01:00:00 Agriculture and Rural Development - Winter: 2011
Agriculture and Rural Development - Winter: 2011
Ref: I-067699
Date: 08/11/2010

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