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EU Innovative Industry - 2010

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On 28/10/2010, Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Industry and Entrepreneurship, will present a Communication on a renewed industrial policy. Reinforcing the EU’s strengths in producing high quality goods will be crucial for economic recovery and for putting Europe on a path towards resource efficiency and sustainability. The Communication aims to improve the framework conditions for European industry and facilitate the transformation towards a low carbon economy, mastering globalization and innovation. The Commission will also present the Competitiveness Report 2010 and a report on Member States competitiveness performance and policies. To illustrate this, the European Commission's audiovisual service is producing a video stockshots which covers: - production of off-shore components (Germany) - innovative textile production (Spain). Nordseewerke used to be a very busy shipyard until recession hit production badly. Nowadays, the docks are used for maintenance and repair of existing ships. New ships are no longer built in Emden. However, through a business agreement between Thyssen and SIAG all jobs will be kept in the city thanks to new activities on the site: the production of off-shore windmills by SIAG components by the Siag-group. Thyssen stays with as repairing company for ships and all other workers are employed by SIAG Nordseewerke. The construction of steel towers for off-shore wind turbines will start in 2011. The know-how of the workers in steel construction will thus be used for a new and promising production of renewable energy. Nordseewerke is a perfect site for this activity: production of all components at one location combined with a port of lading at the premises helps reduce costs. In a globalised era, this is a competitive advantage. Textil Santanderina works mainly in clothes. It is a good example of a company which has innovated through the years, researching different textiles and fabrics, to adapt to globalization in a very competitive sector. Textil Santanderina centres are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, in order to guarantee excellent quality standards for pure and blended yarns. The spinning works in Cabezón de la Sal, the largest in Spain, is a modern working environment in a traditional, almost rural setting.

Type: Stockshots [short]   Reference: I-067455   Date: 27/10/2010   Duration: 07:30 Location: Emden - Nordseewerke | Cabezón de la Sal - Textil Santanderina | Emden | Cabezón de la Sal  
Languages: ORIGINAL

Tags: Industry | Innovation
© European Union, 2010   /   Source: EC - Audiovisual Service
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07:30 EU Innovative Industry - 2010
EU Innovative Industry - 2010
Ref: I-067455
Date: 27/10/2010

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