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IRMM in Geel


The institute started its research activities on 16/05/60 in a quiet corner of the Flanders countryside - Geel - about 80 km north-east of Brussels. It was originally founded under the Euratom Treaty as an Institute to support the development of and research into the nuclear industry, especially aspects of nuclear security and safety. It was endowed right at the beginning with measurement facilities which were unique at that time and indeed still are. One of the greatest achievements of the Institute during the last forty years was certainly that it was the most important provider of neutron data to the international scientific community. Such neutron data are still needed today because new technologies are being investigated linked to sorting out the storage problems of nuclear waste. Another task given to the institute was to produce certified reference material, particularly for nuclear accountancy. It is also one of the three leading laboratories in the civilian sector for reference measurements for nuclear safeguards. While the institute was founded for nuclear purposes, it had to change with the times. There were strong demands for reference materials from European Industry to be able to harmonise testing methods, e.g. for steel. The European dimension has shifted largely to other fields, such as environmental issues and food safety. One of the greatest challenges for the IRMM was provided by a request from the Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection in 1998 to evaluate new tests on cattle infected with BSE, (Denis Mc Gowan, Commission en direct, nr 164).

Type: Stockshots   Reference: I-030990   Date: 18/05/2000   Duration: 08:22 Location: Geel - IRMM | Geel - Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements  
Languages: ORIGINAL

Tags: Atomic energy | BSE | Mad cow disease | Nuclear energy | Nuclear security
© European Communities, 2000   /   Source: EC - Audiovisual Service
Director: Fred D'Hondt
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08:22 IRMM in Geel
IRMM in Geel
Ref: I-030990
Date: 18/05/2000

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