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The European Community

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The second World War left Europe convinced that it could not remain divided.This film illustrates the venture embarked upon by the six Common Market countries. It gives a number of examples of the practical achievements of the European Communities (ECSC, Euratom and EEC) in implementing the Treaty of Rome: the modernization of the coal and steel industries, the creation of a common agricultural market, the freedom of workers to move from country to country inside the Community, the pooling of resources ina programme for the peaceful use of atomic energy.

Type: Documentary   Reference: I-000113   Date: 01/01/1962   Duration: 18:13
Personalities:   Hallstein, Walter |   Rochereau, Henri |   Noël, Emile |   Rey, Jean |   Mansholt, Sicco  
Location: Ispra - EC/Joint Research Centre | Belgium | Italy | Brussels - EC/JECL | Genoa  
© European Communities, 1962   /   Source: EC - Audiovisual Service
Director: Sean Grahm
Director of photography: Prosper Dekeukeleire, Georges Pessis
Editor: Sheila Willson
Sound supervisor: Gordon Hay, Ken Cameron
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18:13 The European Community
The European Community
Ref: I-000113
Date: 01/01/1962

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