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Forum de Bruxelles 2010: extraits du discours-programme de José Manuel Barroso, sur un nouvel atlantisme pour le 21e siècle

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On 26/03/2010, José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, delivered a keynote speech on the occasion of the 2010 Brussels Forum, on a new atlanticism for the 21st century. With new leadership in the United States and a recently appointed European Commission, led for the second time by José Manuel Barroso, leaders on both sides of the Atlantic continued to deepen transatlantic cooperation on a vast array of distinctly new and global challenges, from the international financial crisis to climate change, and energy security to the retention of high-skilled workers. Yet there was no single transatlantic forum focused on this broad and increasingly complex global agenda. Brussels Forum was an annual high-level meeting of the most influential North American and European political, corporate, and intellectual leaders, to address pressing challenges currently facing both sides of the Atlantic.

Type: EbS   Référence: 69367   Date: 26/03/2010   Durée: 00:02:58
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Forum de Bruxelles 2010: extraits du discours-programme de José Manuel Barroso, ...
Ref: 69367
Date: 26/03/2010
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Brussels Forum 2010 avec la participation de José Manuel Barroso
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Date: 26/03/2010

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