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We expect high audience levels around the hearings of the Commissioners-designate over the next two weeks in the European Parliament.
We would like to remind you of the different ways you can watch and listen to Europe by Satellite (EbS) coverage online.
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Inside OLAF

The mission of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) is to protect the interests of the European Union, to fight fraud, corruption and any other irregular activity, including misconduct within the European Institutions. In pursuing this mission in an accountable, transparent and cost-effective manner, OLAF aims to provide a quality service to the citizens of Europe.
Inside OLAF OLAF in Brussels, with a 350 staff and a budget of 46 millions euros ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-1
Date: 1999
Inside OLAF OLAF's teams and their national partners are actively applying new ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-10
Date: 2003
Inside OLAF The strategy of OLAF: fight effectively against cross-border organised ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-11
Date: 2003
Inside OLAF OLAF's investigators: a multidisciplinary team of high-level ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-12
Date: 2003
Inside OLAF OLAF's indenpendence, in its investigate activities, is guaranteed by ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-2
Date: 2003
Inside OLAF Franz-Hermann Brüner, Director-General of the European Anti-Fraud ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-3
Date: 2001
Inside OLAF Michael Kennedy, President of Eurojust, on the left, and Franz-Hermann ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-4
Date: 14/04/2003
Inside OLAF Mikhaïl Vanin, Russian Chairman of the State Customs Committee, on the ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-5
Date: 05/07/2000
Inside OLAF Diemut Theato, Chairperson of the Committee on Budgetary Control of ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-6
Date: 06/03/2001
Inside OLAF The OLAF Supervisory Committee is garanteeing OLAF's independence in ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-7
Date: 06/03/2001
Inside OLAF OLAF, an investigation service with full respect for human rights, ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-8
Date: 2003
Inside OLAF OLAF provides the Members States with technical assistance and ...
Ref: P-010075 /00-9
Date: 2003

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