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The Lomé convention, which brings together 71 countries from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific is the result of secure, durable and global cooperation between two regional groups, founded on the respect of the political and economic choices of each partner, as well as a permanent dialogue through the three joint institutions (Council of Ministers, Committee of Ambassadors and the Joint Assembly).
Lomé Yaoundé 1 (1963) :signature of the convention by Walter Hallstein, ...
Ref: P-001344 /00-01
Date: 20/07/1963
Lomé Lomé I : Handshake between Claude Cheysson, Member of the CEC in ...
Ref: P-001344 /00-02
Date: 27/02/1975
Lomé Lomé I : a group of Togolese people engrossed in the event of the day ...
Ref: P-001344 /00-03
Date: 27/02/1975
Lomé Lomé I : A banner with the writing: "Lomé Convention; a step along ...
Ref: P-001344 /00-04
Date: 02/1975
Lomé Lomé II: Togolese hostesses in traditional dress with the text: " ...
Ref: P-001344 /00-05
Date: 31/10/1979
Lomé Lomé II : Young Togolese demonstrating with a banner giving ...
Ref: P-001344 /00-06
Date: 1979
Lomé Lomé III : general view of the Lomé III Convention signing ceremony
Ref: P-001344 /00-07
Date: 08/12/1984
Lomé Community food aid to the populations of the Sahel
Ref: P-001344 /00-09
Date: 1984
Lomé Notice about financial aid given by the European Development Fund ...
Ref: P-001344 /00-11
Date: 01/12/1996
Lomé Development aid: drainage channel
Ref: P-001344 /00-12
Date: 01/12/1996
Lomé Signing ceremony of the 4th revised Lomé Convention (Maurice, 4 ...
Ref: P-001344 /00-13
Date: 04/11/1995
Lomé Signing ceremony of the 4th revised Lomé Convention: Javier Solana, ...
Ref: P-001344 /00-14
Date: 04/11/1995

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