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The Spokespersons of the European Commission

Update: 01/09/2014
Koen DOENS Koen Doens
Head of the Spokespersons'

Ref: P-026069 /00-03
Date: 21/08/2014
Pia AHRENKILDE HANSEN Pia Ahrenkilde-Hansen
Spokeswoman of the EC
Ref: P-015918 /00-01
Date: 27/10/2009
Leonor RIBEIRO DA SILVA Leonor Ribeiro Da Silva
Deputy Spokesperson of the EC
Ref: P-010818 /00-04
Date: 12/07/2004
Mark GRAY Mark Gray
Spokesperson, Advisor to the Head of Service
Ref: P-013536 /00-01
Date: 18/02/2008
 Natasha BERTAUD Natasha Bertaud, Spokesperson in charge of dealing with media queries related to the President-elect
Ref: P-020563 /00-01
Date: 14/03/2011
Sarah COLLINS Sarah Collins
Spokesperson to the Planning and Coordination Sector

Ref: P-023098 /00-05
Date: 19/04/2013
Cezary LEWANOWICZ Cezary Lewanowicz
Spokesperson to the Planning and Coordination Sector
Ref: P-017472 /00-31
Date: 03/09/2010
Christos MARAZOPOULOS Christos Marazopoulos, Spokesperson to the Planning and Coordination Sector
Ref: P-025309 /00-01
Date: 21/03/2014
 Jens MESTER Jens Mester, Spokesperson for Citizens & Budget, G8, G20
Ref: P-023224 /00-02
Date: 07/05/2013
Raquel Maria Patricio Gomes Raquel Maria Patricio Gomes, Spokesperson (Europe & the World)
Ref: P-022983 /00-01
Date: 03/04/2013
Myriam SOCHACKI  Myriam Sochacki, Spokesperson/Speechwriter to the Planning and Coordination Sector
Ref: P-017472 /00-33
Date: 03/09/2010
Vincent STUER Vincent Stuer, Spokesperson/Speechwriter to the Planning and Coordination Sector
Ref: P-022540 /00-03
Date: 21/01/2013
Jonathan Todd Jonathan Todd, Spokesperson, Head of the Coordinating Unit I Growth and Jobs
Ref: P-010928 /00-10
Date: 26/11/2004
Antoine COLOMBANI Antoine Colombani,Spokesperson for Competition 
Ref: P-022420 /00-08
Date: 12/12/2012
 Ryan HEATH Ryan Heath
Spokesperson for Digital Agenda
Ref: P-019839 /00-01
Date: 11/11/2011
Miguel Sagredo Miguel Sagredo
Spokesperson for

Industry and Entrepreneurship
Ref: P-026016 /00-05
Date: 22/07/2014
Simon O'CONNOR Simon O'Connor, Spokesperson for Economic and Monetary Affairs
Ref: P-018839 /00-01
Date: 05/05/2011
Dennis ABBOTT Dennis Abbott, Spokesperson for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth
Ref: P-016467 /01
Date: 09/02/2010
Chantal Hugues Chantal Hughes, Spokesperson for Internal Market and Services
Ref: P-017472 /00-10
Date: 01/09/2010
Michael Jennings Michael Jennings, Spokesperson for Research and Innovation
Ref: P-022989 /00-01
Date: 08/04/2013
Emer Traynor, Spokesperson of
Algirdas Šemeta Emer Traynor, Spokesperson for Taxation, Customs, Statistics, Audit and Anti-Fraud
Ref: P-017472 /00-32
Date: 17/02/2010
Frédéric VINCENT Frédéric Vincent, Head of Unit / Coordinating Spokesperson
Ref: P-016468 /00-03
Date: 12/02/2010
Roger WAITE Roger Waite, Spokesperson for Agriculture and Rural Development
Ref: P-017161 /00-11
Date: 07/06/2010
David HUDSON David Hudson, Spokesperson for Consumer Policy

Ref: P-020294 /00-02
Date: 03/02/2012
Patrizio FIORILLI Patrizio Fiorilli, Spokesperson for Budget and Financial Programming
Ref: P-017472 /00-17
Date: 03/09/2010
Michele Cercone, Spokesperson Home Affairs

Ref: P-013292 /00-01
Date: 09/11/2007
Antony GRAVILI Antony Gravili, Spokesperson for Inter-Institutional Relations and Administration
Ref: P-017184 /00-19
Date: 16/06/2010
Helen BANNER Helen Banner, Spokesperson for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs
Ref: P-025493 /00-05
Date: 10/04/2014
Shirin Wheeler Shirin Wheeler, Spokesperson for Regional Policy
Ref: P-021922 /00-01
Date: 12/10/2012
Alejandro Ulzurrun de Asanza y Muñoz Alejandro Ulzurrun de Asanza y Muñoz, Head of Unit 3, Coordinating Spokesperson for Global and Sustainable Europe
Ref: P-017223 /00-37
Date: 05/07/2010
Isaac Valero Ladron
Isaac Valero Ladron, Spokesperson for Climate Action

Ref: P-018306 /00-01
Date: 03/02/2011
Alexandre Polack Alexandre Polack, Spokesperson for Development
Ref: P-020950 /00-01
Date: 23/05/2012
Marlene Holzner Marlene Holzner, Spokesperson for Energy
Ref: P-017380 /00-15
Date: 14/07/2010
Peter STANO Peter Stano, Spokesperson for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy
Ref: P-019614 /00-01
Date: 06/10/2011

Joe Hennon for the Environment
Ref: P-017472 /00-07
Date: 01/09/2010
Michael Mann Michael Mann, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
Ref: P-018471 /00-03
Date: 02/03/2011

Maja Kocijancic Maja Kocijancic, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
Ref: P-017472 /00-36
Date: 04/10/2010
Sébastien Brabant Sébastien Brabant,
deputy Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Ref: P-019594 /00-01
Date: 04/10/2011
David Sharrock David Sharrock, Spokesperson for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response
Ref: P-019126 /00-02
Date: 21/06/2011
Wojtek TALKO Wojtek Talko, Spokesperson for Trade 
Ref: P-017472 /00-13
Date: 03/09/2010
Helen KEARNS  Helen Kearns, Spokesperson for Transport
Ref: P-010928 /00-12
Date: 06/12/2004

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