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Thorn Commission

Mandate: 1981-1985
Gaston THORN Gaston Thorn
Ref: P-004805 /04-7
Date: 11/12/1980
Richard BURKE Richard Burke
Ref: P-004786 /01-10
Date: 26/11/1980
Etienne DAVIGNON Etienne Davignon
Ref: P-004788 /01-21
Date: 27/11/1980
Wilhelm HAFERKAMP Wilhelm Haferkamp
Ref: P-004801 /01-5
Date: 10/12/1980
Lorenzo NATALI Lorenzo Natali
Ref: P-005754 /17-18
Date: 07/12/1984
François-Xavier ORTOLI François-Xavier Ortoli
Ref: P-005447 /01-22
Date: 18/10/1983
Edgard PISANI Edgard Pisani
Ref: P-004928 /01-18
Date: 16/07/1981
Christopher TUGENDHAT Christopher Tugendhat
Ref: P-004787 /01-20
Date: 11/1980
Frans ANDRIESSEN Frans Andriessen
Ref: P-004802 /02-16
Date: 10/12/1980
Claude CHEYSSON Claude Cheysson
Ref: P-006355 /01-14
Date: 25/11/1986
George CONTOGEORGIS George Contogeorgis
Ref: P-004803 /01-2
Date: 10/12/1980
Poul DALSAGER Poul Dalsager
Ref: P-004833 /02-10A
Date: 28/01/1981
Antonio GIOLITTI Antonio Giolitti
Ref: P-004792 /01-17A
Date: 03/12/1980
Finn Olav GUNDELACH Finn Olav Gundelach
Ref: P-004809 /02-8
Date: 11/12/1980
Karl-Heinz NARJES Karl-Heinz Narjes
Ref: P-004814 /02-12
Date: 12/1980
Michael O'KENNEDY Michael O'Kennedy
Ref: P-004813 /01-6A
Date: 12/1980
Ivor RICHARD Ivor Richard
Ref: P-004804 /02-9
Date: 10/12/1980
THORN COMMISSION Round table: (from Gaston Thorn (seated on the right with his hand on ...
Ref: P-005137 /01-11
Date: 20/04/1982

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